The Importance of Google AdWords

Why should your small business invest in Google AdWords as well as SEO?

Your small business should be investing in SEM (search engine marketing) to gain more Internet traffic, to increase leads, and finally, to improve conversion rates, of course. SEM is divided into two major methods: SEO (search engine optimization) and Google AdWords.

Google AdWords places your website in the sponsored top four results on the results page of a simple Google search. It’s very convenient to use Google AdWords. You place your website at the top for specific keyword searches and pay Google per click. This requires careful analysis of keywords that best fit your business – and more importantly, keywords that your customers are typing in.

What’s the difference between being placed first on the sponsored list (a little ‘Ad’ sign next to your link), and being first organically (in the regular search result page)? According to, 65 percent of people will click on the sponsored links and only 35 percent on the organic results. But this isn’t the only reason why you should invest in Google AdWords. Here are the top reasons why:


Not everyone can be at the top of the organic list. It takes a lot of work, and most of all, time. Google AdWords, on the other hand, is much faster. Once you start your campaign, your ad is up and running and you’re first on the list the very next search someone conducts.

Conversion Rates

Similar to SEO, when you design your campaign based on keywords, you’re aiming your ad to customers who are already looking for your service. This will generate higher traffic and eventually higher conversion rates. According to, conversion rates from sponsored ad clicks are up to two times higher than organic clicks.


Google AdWords can allow you to be very flexible with your ad, audience, and timing. You can manage anything from the age, location and language of the audience you want to display to, to the time of day and browser they’re using. This allows you to target only the people who are more likely to turn into customers.


With Google AdWords, you pay per click. This means that you only pay Google when someone clicks on your link and enters your website. So you can trust that you’re not throwing money into the Internet void – you’re really only paying for possible leads.


Google AdWords gives you a lot of useful and valuable information on your audience and marketing efforts. It’s a very measurable tool that allows you to analyze what keyword is working better, and what time of day and what medium is most successful. It also provides an insightful view of your audience and their different characteristics. With that priceless information, you can tweak your ads and website to generate more paying customers.

Beat the competition

Simply put, you don’t want your competitor to be first on a list instead of you. You want to be the first choice for someone looking for your type of service.

When working on your Internet presence, specifically on the Google results page, you should be working on and investing in SEO and Google AdWords together. These go hand in hand on your way to being at the top of the list and getting 100 percent of the customers searching for your service. Neither can thrive if you neglect the other, and one of them performing well will help enhance the other. So what are you waiting for? Contact MaxiMax Marketing and Design to see if we can help you invest in Google AdWords. We can be reached by phone at (778) 889-8489, and by email at [email protected].

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