7 Tips to Soar Your Business on Success Line

Based on a research done on small businesses in 2012, there are 7 most important marketing strategies on top of the list that can help you run a successful business marketing, either B2B or B2C, which play a considerable role to run a business on a success line.

Email marketing can boost your business up to 83%.

1.Email marketing– it has a direct effect on consumer’s behaviors. It convinces consumers to visit the website for more information or for doing a purchase. Price wise it is not expensive. It costs less than one cent per email and the rate of return is high. It is because email marketing can persuade the customer to purchase the service or product within minutes of receiving and reviewing the email. Surprisingly, its effect on business is as high at 83%.

Website content and SEO can be 71% effective in soaring your company.

2. Website content and SEO – your valuable information on the website can drive customer behavior. Authoritative content builds trust and confidence in your company. This is the bridge to customer’s loyalty, regular purchases and referrals. And this is how a website with reliable information turns into a magnifier, making the reader to link back and attracts more customers on daily basis and it can change them to loyal customers by time. The keywords and popularity of your website brings you to the top of the list. Believe it or not it can be up to 71% effective in the success of your business.

You cannot deny 68% efficiency of in-person interaction on your business.

3. In-person Interaction – Small B2Bs cite in-person interaction 68% effective in the success of their business. This is after email marketing and websites. And small B2Cs cite it as their most effective tactic with 40% efficiency after website and email marketing.

Social media can boost your business for 49%.


4. Social Media – Google and other search engines calculate their rankings also based on using social media presence. It’s because the strong brands almost always have social media. Being active on social media can represent your website and it can act as a “brand signal” to search engines for credibility, legitimacy and trustworthiness. Indeed, if you aim to get ranked for a set of keywords, first you need to have strong social media marketing. It is up to 49% effective in soaring your business.

Creating, participating and supporting events can increase your business by 41%.

5. Events – creating events or participating in public events helps in increasing brand awareness. You may offer the best product in the whole world, but without customer’s awareness of your brand you cannot make a single cent. Sponsor public events, charities, and sportive events like a golf tournament. Suggest events like festivals or create weekend family events to generate buzz and publicity for your company. This factor can climb up your business up to 41%.

Outbound calling can increase your business up to 33%.

6. Outbound calling – there’s nothing worse than receiving calls from a stranger who know nothing about you and tries to sell something to you. In order to make it sound different and even a bit motivating for the customer to go on with the conversation and interact, you can get help for the social media at your fingertips. A quick review over LinkedIn or Twitter would help you out. A professional approach is what is needed. To be effective you should know exactly what you are looking for. Prepare for the call and know who you are calling, and what you want to achieve.

PR can improve your business up to 22%

7. Public Relations – creating a public relations campaign along with a marketing plan can improve the efficiency of your marketing up to 22%. Ensure to communicate with the groups of people who can influence the market of your product, either directly or indirectly. You can do that through advertising, direct emails or other methods of communication. This factor increases your business for 22%.

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